A high-quality track makes a difference when it comes to performance. Choosing the right contractor for your running track is critical to both the performance and longevity of your running track.

Burlington Paving sets the standard for running track installations. With many years of experience and many quality running track installations under our belt, our expertise in paving lends well in producing quality, durable running tracks that are professional and enjoyable to run on.

Our paving experts have completed custom running tracks of varying lengths, widths, and designs for private, commercial and government clients across Ontario. We offer new paving design or complete track installations – with multiple surface options - and also provide concrete slabs, borders and running track drainage systems.

Our team has the experience to work with you throughout the process to ensure your running track meets your expectations and stays within the cost parameters you have established.

We invite you to acquire a project quotation from us through our online Quote Request form, or contact us by phone at 905-529-3011 or by email at