At Burlington Paving, we know that nothing is more important than worker health and safety.

Burlington Paving considers the safety of our employees, and the general public, to be a matter of prime importance. Our ultimate goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for all employees. We comply with all applicable Municipal and Provincial safety requirements, and we are guided by best practices.

Employees at every level, including management, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence that we expect. Management supports coordination of safety among all workers on the job site.

Burlington Paving mandates participation in the plan by all employees and ensure they comply with company safety requirements as they relate to planning, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, and, wherever possible, improving safety measures.


E.1 2015 Health and Safety Policy Statement -Richard signed

E1.2 Management Commitment Standard

E2.0 Hazard Recognition and Assessment Standard

E2.1 - Hazard Listing- Safe work practices

E2.2 Field Level Risk Assessment

E2.3 BPC Traffic Control Plan

E2.6 Critical tasks Assessment

E2.10 Sub contractor, Health and Safety Agreement

E3.1 Cell Phone Safe Work Procedure

E3.1 Asphalt Paving Crew

E3.1 Control of Traffic Flow on Work Sites - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Driving - Winter- Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Excavating and Trenching - Safe Work Procedures

E3.1 Excavating to Expose Existing Lines or Underground - Safe Work Practices

E3.1 Fall Protection - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Hazard Control Signage - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Housekeeping - Site Completion Check List

E3.1 Housekeeping - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Manual Lifting and Carrying- Safe Work Practices

E3.1 Mechanical Vibration Tools - Safe Work Procedures

E3.1 Office Safety - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Power and Hand Tool Use - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Propane - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Refuelling Equipment

E3.1 Severe Weather - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Tobacco - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Use and Care of Respiratory Equipment - Safe Work Practice

E3.1 Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers - Safe Work Procedures

E3.1 Using clearning solvents - Safe Work Procedure

E3.1 Working on Hills and on Slopes - Safe Work Practices

E3.1.1 BPC Fleet Safety Policy Statement

E3.2 Backing Up

E3.2 Fall Protection

E3.2 Traffic Control

E3.2.2 Backing up training materials

E3.2.3 Safe Work Pracices Noise Exposure - Training Material

E3.2.5 Lock out - tag out

E3.2.7 BPC Fleet Safety Policy Statement

E3.5 Management Safety Inspection Checklist

E4 Safe Job Procedures - SAFE-LIFTING-TIPS

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Asphalt Paver

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Asphalt Steel Drum Roller

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Chain Saw

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Fueling

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Jumping Jack

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Loader

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Plate Tamper

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Road Grader

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Skid Steer

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Stihl Quick Cut Saw

E4.1 Safe Job Precedure - Walk Behind Road Saw

E-4.1 Safe Job Procedure- Asphalt Rubber Tire Roller

E-4.1 Safe Job Procedure- Dozer

E-4.1 Safe Job Procedure- Excavator

E-4.1 Safe Job Procedure- TT-300 Tack Distributor

E4.1 Safe Job Procedures - Welding and Cutting

E4.2.3 Air Compressor Energy Control Producer

E4.3 Safe Job Procedures - Ready mix hand signals

E5.02 BPC General Regulations for Safety

E5.4 Schedule of Disciplinary Action

E6.1 Personal Protective Equipment

E6.6 PPE Maintenance for Respirators

E6.6 PPE Maintenance

E6.7 Verification of training for use of PPE

E6.8 Personal Protective Equipment Assesment Form

E6.8 PPE Inspection Record

E7.0 Procurement Safety Standards

E7.3 Equipment Service Schedule

E7.3.1 Equipment Service Checklist-2015

E7.5 Lock out - tag out

E8.1 Employee - information and Emerg Contacts

E8.3 NewEmployeeOrientation

E8.12 Safety Meetings and tool box talks

E9.1 Workplace Inspections

E9.7 Shop Safety Inspection Checklist

E10.1 Near Miss Reporting Form

E10.1 Near Miss Reporting Form

E11 Emergency Response Policy

E12 Statistics and Records

E13 Legal Requirements Standard

E14 - Occupational Health- Mould, Lyme Disease, Carbon Monoxide, Silica

E14 Occupational Health

E15 First Aid

E16 Orgainizational Chart

E17 Violence and Harassment policy

E18 Return to Work Standard R3

E19.HSMR Policy - Mangement Reivew